Crafting form into function through the use of man-made and natural elements

An existing raised bed was retained by poorly installed Corten Steel. Once properly straightened and enforced, this be was ready to fill with texture and foliage. Weaver’s Bamboo creates a backdrop for the bed, extending the width of the yard, as well as the patio. Custom limestone pavers are laid offset leading around the house to the cabana and garden.

  • Weaver’s Bamboo
  • Japanese Maple
  • Sandankwa Viburnum
  • Philodendron Selloum
  • Foxtail Fern
  • Bamboo Muhly Grass
  • Loropetalum
  • Basalt
  • Granite Boulders
  • Custom Metal
  • Bicolor Iris
  • Silver Ponyfoot
  • Custom Limestone Pavers
  • Pea Gravel
  • Variegated Flax Lily