This lovely country estate was built 25 years ago by the homeowner, and had been in dire need of a rehab for years.

We replaced the existing crumbling limestone retaining wall with a custom welded a new steel ribbon retaining wall. New steps and over 1000 fert of wire wrapped split rail fencing all around.

In the back, a new concrete foundation serves as the base for a huge flagstone patio, prefect for entertaining. A new tiered custom water feature is now in place of a leaking concrete water basin the was strangling the heritage oak.

Extensive native plantings populate the once barren beds throughout the property. This landscape has been extensively remodeled, and had now become a living sanctuary for the homeowners.

  • Steel retaining walls
  • Split Rail fencing
  • Repurposed limestone wall
  • Custom steps
  • Flagstone patio
  • Custom Water Feature
  • Native plants