This incredible home on Lake Austin was in dire need of a redesign to accommodate the new owner’s desire to use it as an entertainment space.

Designed by the estimable landscape arcthitect Ciel Williams, and built by Garden Details, this project redefined the possibilities of what a lawn could be. Using fine Italian Limestone, an intracate pattern of pavers define the entry points to an unmatched Zoysia lawn. Two kinds of Zoysia grass is used here to provide practical and textural interest. An extensive subterranean drainage system was installed along with a custom soil mix foundation, both perfectly suited to support a lawn unlike any other.

The same Limestone was perfectly placed at the home entry as a terrace leading to the steps of the front door. Two lawn panels of the finer Zoysia flank the pavers leading to the terrace, psicosis a simple and elegant cleanliness to the front of the residence.

The Leuder stone steps and seat walls that surround and lead to the lawn installation were modified as well to provide a more seamless flow for foot traffic to and from the gathering spaces in the lawn.

The Ipe decking on the second level was not built properly, nor was it originally installed with the idea of providing cover from the weather to those below. Some of the boards had begun to come loose, and left an uneven walking surface The breezeway below leads to the outdoor bar, restroom, and boat dock. It needed to be less vulnerable to the elements.

Our team disassembled the Ipe decks, reenforced the existing framing, and rebuilt the deck using a more reliable system. In rebuilding the deck, we also replaced the ceiling of the outdoor bar, installing PVC decking below the deck with molded rubber gap sealant between the boards, making the breezeway now completely waterproof.

Basalt gravel outside the gate extends the modern anesthetic and provides additional parking for events. Inside the gate, large magnolias screen the neighboring property and glossy leaved Xylosma and needle palm edge the magnificent lawn against the garage.

It was an honor to work on such a magnificent home with such a talented designer. We learned so much in the process of doing things that have never been done. It was truly a unique project.

  • Leuder stonework
  • Portuguese limestone pavers
  • Custom steel edging
  • Zoysia Turf
  • Custom paver patterns
  • Whole yard drainage system
  • Custom irrigation